Unable to Update installed Global Themes.

anyone else having issues with System Settings > Colors & Themes > Global Themes —- clicking “Get New…” and “Show Only Updateable Entries” and when you select update on a theme that has a update, it doesn’t do anything and does not update?

when running “System Settings” in Konsole when selecting “Update” the theme that is updateable this is the error that is spit out: qrc:/qt/qml/org/kde/newstuff/private/entrygriddelegates/BigPreviewDelegate.qml:54: TypeError: Passing incompatible arguments to C++ functions from JavaScript is not allowed.

i’m sure it’s on lockdown pending the response to the incident.

if yours does not involve running a script to update, then i’m sure it will be among the first ones to be unlocked.

You can also download the theme and copy to the correct directory under home. If you want more help with this just ask.

I’m sure it’s not since I can update things like “window decorations” “icons”

Yes I understand how to do that, I’m specifically asking about “Updating” a theme that is “already installed”.

I can’t confirm the above comment but it does seem like a good explanation as these downloads you can do are simply files and from what I’ve read global themes can execute scripts which can cause issues.

Maybe try just updating its components then, this may seem like a pain but if it works…