Under what classification should we post a bug or feature request about overview effect?

Clicking a desktop in overview should not leave the overview, I think.

Dragging and dropping windows between desktops works fine, like in the grid, but I can only drag and drop from the presently selected desktop, not into that from other desktops. Selecting one of those (or any desktop) leaves the overview completely. I have to again open the overview (that’s why I’ve set it to open by just Meta), which this time would be in the last selected desktop, and do the moving then.

It would be much more convenient to keep the overview open when selecting a new desktop and thus show its windows, allowing them to be moved onto other desktops.

Closing of the overview would be done like it happens now by clicking a window or an empty area—but not by clicking a desktop, which should simply select it and show its windows.

Was a such feature request ever discussed?
Should I post it under Applications or Plasma? I cannot find it under any of those.

Parachute used to do that. No longer maintained. Way better than current overview imho. Personally I think grid is still better than overview anyway.

Too bad I wasn’t aware of it way back when it worked. Does it still work for you? I can install it but not invoke it.

This was already posted, under kwin: 448668 – [Overview-Effect] Optionally don't close overview effect on click on virtual desktop

Nah. Project’s dead in the water. Parachute I thought it would be picked up by kde but instead it became this gnome clone, overview.

Btw, if you’re fiddling with it ( certainly wouldn’t recommend it ), it required another package, the toggle

Under the bug report linked above it’s said that change was accepted, merged, plugins/overview: Allow switching between desktops inside effect (785fa5c1) · Commits · Plasma / KWin · GitLab
but it is not yet in Plasma 5.28 […I mean 5.27.8!..] which I’ve just upgraded to (Kubuntu 23.10 dev).

I’m not sure how you upgraded to 5.28, which doesn’t exist and the bug report says it’s fixed in 6.0. Did you mean 5.27.8?

Sorry, 5.27.8 it is.