Understanding consistency errors and the KMM data file

I’m using KMyMoney 5.1.2 under Linux Mint 21.2 Cinnamon

I’ve had a number of consistency errors reported for quite a while. They appeared after an earlier update to KMM, but didn’t affect my use of the app, so I didn’t bother to do anything about them.
Now I’m having a bit of a clean-up and would like to resolve these problems.

Most of the errors concern securities which have no price for the opening date of the account, so are easily solved. There is one error which I don’t understand. It seems to involve a problem with the post date of a transaction that is involved with an account called “Opening Balances”. I don’t have an account of that name, but I’m wondering if it is some sort of account that’s internal to KMM. How can I access this account in order to correct the problem? I’m reluctant to start tweaking the internals of the XML data file without better understanding how it works.

Here;s the error as reported by the consistency checker:-

  • Opening date of Account ‘Opening Balances’ cannot be changed to support transaction ‘T000000000000000016’ post date.
  • Transaction ‘T000000000000000016’ has a post date ‘01/01/1990’ before one of the referenced account’s opening date.
    Referenced accounts: Opening Balances
    The post date was not updated to ‘01/05/1990’.

There is indeed an “Opening Balances” account, and it is normally hidden. (There may actually be one for each currency used.) To see it in the Accounts View (and then be able to edit it or see it’s Ledger) invoke the Settings/Configure KMyMoney… menu item, click General on the left, then click the Filter tab. Click the “Show Equity accounts” checkbox.
It seems the earliest account opening date you set when creating accounts was 01/05/1990 and now you are trying to enter a transaction for 01/01/1990. As you suspect, you need to edit the Opening Balance Account and make its opening date earlier.

Many thanks! That worked a treat.