Update duration estimates

As https://www.reddit.com/r/Windows11/comments/oa0zt6/windows_updates_now_give_an_installation_time/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 depicts, Windows has provided for almost a year now estimates for how much time an update shall take. Is this something which we can feasibly duplicate in the default Application Launcher widgets and session management overlay?

Should be possible on an apt based system, it already shows for years now the speed of the download then the unpacking of the files, configurations steps. With a #####… display that estimates the time to completion of all the steps on the command line. I would think there must be some way to capture that information and display it graphically. They do it in the graphics during install of the system. No clue what other systems display when doing it as I never paid attention to the Manjaro I tested a few weeks back. Other than that it is all apt based systems for me, been using one for over twenty years now since Woody came out in 2003 I think it was…

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Update duration estimates - #2 by redgreen925

I wonder whether the relevant PackageKit modules expose this. I’ve filed Expose predicted duration of action until completion. · Issue #711 · PackageKit/PackageKit · GitHub consequently, @redgreen925. Thanks for the information.

You are welcome, with any luck the other package managers do the same and people can have better information when upgrading/installing.

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Update duration estimates - #4 by redgreen925

Indeed, if PackageKit implements this but the modules are unable to due to package managers not providing this information, I’ll file separate issues with them and link them here, @redgreen925. When that’s complete, I can in file an actionable issue at https://bugs.kde.org to formally request this.