Updated to Plasma 6, having bad problems

Just updated to Plasma 6 this morning and having the following problems

  • Apps no longer show up on my taskbar when i open them
  • When i go into application launcher, theres nothing. Like, none of my stuff is there. They arent deleted as i can search them, but when i do i get the notif that it couldnt read the file
  • Because of the last thing, i cant open settings and see what might be wrong

Im running manjaro & plasma neon, im pretty light on my pc tbh, but it is old anyway
Would going to wayland be any different, and is there anyway i could fix this?

Update: Rebooting and changing the global theme fixed my problems. Ty to all that responded ^^

Did you reboot ?

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mv ~/.cache ~/.cache_old
log out & in, or maybe, reboot.

If it doesn’t fix it, have a look here:


The best advice for noobs I have seen (i.e. cure all issues) is to start fresh with a new profile.

There is really only so much you can expect developers to do for you… I mean, apart from putting the answers RIGHT UNDER YOU NOSE before you even perform the upgrades.

The next best advice is to clean up, and there are many links in the forums describing exactly how to do this. Here’s ONE of those: Plasma 6 looks awful - KDE Plasma - Manjaro Linux Forum

I cleaned out my .cache, also fixed a few issues in .local and some others in the .config folder.

Manjaro also has an RSS feed advising it’s users about upgrades, enabling them to avoid problems. By the time an upgrade gets through to ‘Stable’ it has already gained many threads and solutions for issues as they pass through Unstable and Testing, so you must really work hard to avoid the forums and not read any update news in order to avoid learning about these things until it’s too late… there are notifications in your TRAY which will open these links.

Plasma 6 is NOT a straightforward ‘upgrade in place’ matter.

However, I would say that - overall - the upgrade to Plasma 6 has been a lot less problematic than many of the Plasma 5 updates which came through.

One of the huge benefits of running Manjaro is that everyone else suffers these issues, whilst they hold back the Stable branch a while until solutions are readily available.

I also removed all theming and pretty much applied new theming from scratch except for my cursors and colour schemes which just got re-imported.

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Yeah and no mouse gestures anymore :frowning:

If the above doesn’t work first remove widgets and panels → delete cache → re-logging → add new panel. Start adding panels. Before updating you should have brought all settings to default. If you haven’t done it you need to delete other plasma cache files → reloggin and configure all from scratch. Well, not necessarily all cache files but what doesn’t work for you.

Just did, fixed the problem with the taskbar but not with the other things
Ty ^^

You dont have to be passive-aggressive about it, i just asked a question

I understand these questions pop up often and i am sorry for adding onto the never ending pile of them, though i dont even get those notifications in my tray. I do forget to read the forums and i should have gone there before i asked, and again im sorry for that

Thank you anyways

Sorry, can’t resist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p85xwZ_OLX0 :sweat_smile:

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What is you distro ?

Do you have kservice installed ?

Try running kbuildsycoca6.

If that fixes some of your issuers that a misconfiguration by you or your distro.