Updating KDE.org/KDE Forums at wiki

I have marked the KDE.org/KDE Forums at the KDE Community Wiki with the needs attention flag.

Is there an established way to archive out-of-date information at the wiki?

Information about the new forum here should probably be added there soon.


I don’t think there is a process to deal with outdated information. It’s probably easiest to just replace the entire page with a single paragraph saying the forum can found at discuss.kde.org. We can deal with further questions if/when they arise.

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It’s a wiki; I think you can just fix it.

Thank you! I was unsure about deleting the contents of an entire page.

I have updated the wiki with some basic information about KDE Discuss:


I also saved the previous wiki page at Internet Archive and provide a link. I assume there may be useful information for later navigating the soon-to-be archived former KDE forum.

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Gee! We have a wiki? :astonished: I just saw it by accident on the badges page…

…even though I knew it already, I am a bit surprised it’s called “community.kde.org” instead of wiki something but yes, debatable :grin:

So, I thought a link would be nice. Oops again, it’s there alright, once you scroll to the very bottom and then are even two: Community and userbase… I wonder would it make sense to make these more visible so it’s always reachable?

Might also make some posts unnecessary if people can read up in the wiki, eh? :wink:

We actually have 3 wikis:

  • userbase.kde.org: for user documentation. It’s used as a workaround to contributing to the official documentation since currently contributing to the user guide is not that easy
  • community.kde.org: more a developer/community wiki focusing on processes, policies, events, …
  • techbase.kde.org: for technical documentation, most of it moved to Documentation | Developer
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For my taste that is to many different places for documentation. I get that developer and user documentation should probably be different, but for my taste it is all a little bit to spread out. Things like https://phabricator.kde.org/ are also outdated (?) and succeed by gitlab issues (?).

talk is cheap :( I should get involved myself

I shouldn’t complain since I wanted to contribute to the documentation (I have found a few things I think I can update), but haven’t done anything yet. Once I do, I hope I get a clearer picture how documentation should be done for KDE and give better feedback.

If anyone has ideas how to improve the documentation post it here: Improving documentation

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Ohmy, just edited https://userbase.kde.org/KSysGuard a little. It’s not really easy to get something done :crazy_face: no wonder there are so few edits…

I just hope I get more familiar with it over time :laughing:

Thanks @carl for the listing, seems in “order” (as in ordered, at least for my needs).