V360 and 3D - How to Get Missing Effects

Version 23.08.4

The V360 and 3D effects are missing all but for Stereoscopic 3D. How to enable the missing effects without installing the Standalone software?
All the Bigsh0t DLL and filters are installed.

I expect you are on Windows. I checked back to 22.12 and under VR360 is only the effect Stereoscopic 3D. On which version do you had all VR360 effects?

Version 23.08.4 is what I installed.

Did you resolve this?

I too have come across this issue, I was using the 360 effects in kdenlive-23.04.3 and then after uninstalling kdenlive and removing the old program files directory I reinstalled the same version and now I am experiencing this issue. The files were installed and are located in C:\Program Files\kdenlive\frei0r-1 however I don’t see them under the effects menu.

Great news I identified the bug and updated an existing bug report id 480814.

The quick fix is to copy the files in C:\Program Files\kdenlive\frei0r-1 to C:\Program Files\kdenlive\lib\frei0r-1. Open kdenlive and the effects will appear.

It appears the plugins were working in 21.12.3 and any install after this version they did not, however if you upgraded the would still work as the old files remained in the lib\frei0r-1 folder.

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Agree. To copy into C:\Program Files\kdenlive\lib\frei0r-1 Administrative privileges are needed.