VER 23.08.0 Crashes when opening existing projects

Just updated flatpak to 23.08.0 and now all my existing projects crash the program when opening. I can open them with appimage 23.04.3 without issue.

Been using prior flatpak for months with no issues. Downloaded from Mint software manager.

My system Linux Mint 21.2

Thanks in advance for your help.

Can you reproduce this in the AppImage?

Like I said in my posting, the Appimage works OK on every project I’ve created in the past few months.

I’m getting constant crashes with a new project. It’s just a series of stills with fades between them and a caption at the start, but 23.08 just locks up and closes every time I try to assemble it. I’ve gone back to 23.04.3 and that’s fine. This is on Windows 10.

So AppImage 23.08 works but not flatpak? If so, open an issue at the flatpak bug tracker here.

So this morning I downloaded 23.08 Appimage from this website. It also crashes when I try to open an existing project created in version 23.04.