Video Effect Idea - Free Transform w/ Curves

Went to Reddit looking for this desired video effect.

Doesn’t seems like kdenlive can achieve a distorted frame WITH the frame edges adjusted to defined curves. However, I feel as though all the mechanisms needed for this are found in two other effects that do exist currently.

The four corners transform gets very close to this desired effect, but the frame edges are still straight lines defined by two points.

The rotoscope effect, however, can easily create the kind of defined curves that I’m looking for as a mask. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to get the frame to distort to that mask.

Someone in that Reddit post mentioned I should post here, so here I am.

This is just another forum for Kdenlive, not the MLT Framework discussion group (although perhaps some MLT dev team members may hang out here). What you are looking for doesn’t exist for Kdenlive. It requires a new filter/effect to be provided by MLT.

Ah. My mistake. Can you point to where exactly I would make this request? Is there a forum other than just asking Stack Overflow with an MLT tag?

I am sorry but I don’t know. It looks like you have been on the MLT Support page already …