Volume popup suggestion

Hello! I’m just a newbie Linux user running on Neon.
I hope this is the right place for this…

I think it would be nice to have some more personalization options for the on screen volume controls popup, like the ability to choose the position on the display or its size.

Having a feedback on knowing the volume is surely nice, but sometimes having it in the middle of the screen could be intrusive depending on the content that is being shown on the screen. It mostly apply for users whose often modify the volume like myself.

System Settings > Input & Output > Sound > Configure Volume Controls…

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This is an old issue, never fixed - but had some dirty workarounds.

My workaround is that I set application volume (Alt+Volume) which suits me easy, as I have a media volume adjust key separate on the keyboard.

For ‘master’ volume, though, can enable/disable the feedback sound, but there really needs to be a simple setting to choose the position of the notification.

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I see… Well, it is a bit sad this wasn’t improved in a while… I guess it is also true that this is far from being a critical issue… As for myself I will just keep the popup disabled most of the time…

Thanks for sharing the info about it!

The one thing I did do is to edit a very short sound for the audible feedback, so that it’s actually not annoying and more useful than the popup display (sometimes I turn the screen off playing music, so it’s good to be able to adjust volume even when nothing is playing).