Wallpaper submission - Anacrusis


Anacrusis Vertical:

This wallpaper is exactly what a wallpaper should be, intriguing, but without being too distracting, as you do not turn on your computer or wake up your phone to look at the wallpaper (usually), it’s just there to fill in space, to be a starting point for what you are actually here to do, use your computer. Hence the name ‘anacrusis’.

[an anacrusis] is a set of syllables or notes, or a single syllable or note, which precedes what is considered the first foot of a poetic line or the first syllable of the first foot) in poetry and the first beat (or the first beat of the first measure in music that is not its own phrase, section, or line and is not considered part of the line, phrase, or section which came before, if any.
- Wikipedia


Thanks for the submission! Just a quick question: if asked, would you be able to provide an image with a resolution that meets the requirements?

Yes, I can provide that, I honestly thought I did when uploading it, I think it was automatically down-scaled by Discuss during the uploading process.

Anacrusis has a resolution of 5184 × 3456 and Anacrusis Vertical has a resolution of 1,944 × 3,456.

Nextcloud link to submission

Great, thank you so much!