Wallpaper Submission: Colourful Peak

 I’ve attempted to create a wallpaper for the Plasma 6 competition.
It is a simple, colourful peak with a sky made out of bands of solid colours. The dark mode has some stars, while the light mode has a sort of sun-type thing.
The wallpaper is a vector image, so an SVG file will be provided if needed.

The wallpaper image (and its variants) shared in this post is hereby released under CC BY-SA 4.0, and shall be credited to Adriaan Zwemer (aka Bunny, but as the name “Bunny” is so very common on the internet, credit me as “Adriaan Zwemer”)

Anyways, here is the light one:

Other ones will be in the replies to this post.
I’ll upload higher-quality ones will be uploaded somewhere.


the dark one:


the vertical one:

and an alternate version I wanted to throw in:

anyways, here are the larger ones on Google Drive.