Wallpaper Submission:pilers

this is my second entry,im open to any criticism




Hello @Philip_Mbugua

I"m a go for darker wallpapers and yet for some reason I found your dark wallpaper hard on my eyes (no it’s not late at night here ATM) after going from the light to the dark wallpapers on sep-tabs a few times,
found (for me anyway) the stark white lines across the tops of the dark wallpapers too contrasting (intense) in those small areas next to the really dark and black colours used.
(suggestion only) replacing the intense white with the blue shades in the bases would make a difference, if your up to it would you do a version like mentioned, please.
I don’t remember the website or else but it’s optically proven that white on black/intense dark colours are (for some people ) as bad as vibrant white.
The design really cool actually and very much like both, normally I’m not a big fan of light themed wallpapers thou yours is more to a grayscale, Beautiful result, that’s a keeper.

This is NOT a criticism it’s a critique, Ooh fancy ladida word : Said as Homer Simpson. :grinning:

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hi @artytux
its not rendered out as the final one would be but is this what you meant


That is good unfortunately not what I meant, opening the images in new tabs the tops of the pilers in the dark image yeah see the small ish white lines across the tops of the piles that is what I meant it’s tough to ah = screenshot


= that
those whites change that to the blue colour already in there that’s what I mean’t.

Your interpretation in new image looks really good , I do like the textured tops on the piles makes the eyeview flow from the top to base and/or base to top flow on.
No. 03 is a Keeper for me also the No. 01 light (grayscale).

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I like the light version, but the dark version is just too dark, with some bright white highlights. Maybe just take away some of the light on the light version to make it a bit darker. That way, it keeps more of the detail. Maybe half way between #1 and #3 or maybe a little darker.

I prefer dark wallpapers, but the light version here is much better.

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still not fully rendered but does this address your concerns @WilsonEPhillips


Yes, it sure does. :grinning:

alright putting the new rendered one in the file

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It looks really good Philip

Wow, I just noticed they are 112MiB. I opened them in GIMP and exported them as jpg and they end up at 3MiB.

I am using uncompressed PNGs so It does make sense that the file size is that big, My uncompressed I mean blender has a slider for the compression and for these ones I just set it to zero

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The quality of them is awesome!

FYI, png compression is lossless (aka fully reversible, causes 0 image degradation).
Compressing a png is like compressing something into a zip archive, unpacked remains the same.
In fact, png uses the same compression algorithm as found in typical zip file, deflate.
Plus some delta-filters per line, which are also, 100% reversible operation.

There’re ways to reduce both png quality and size, but these are done with pre-processing.
As in - the image itself is changed (e.g. to 256 colors) and then png compression is applied.
To the best of my knowledge and personal Blender experience, Blender does no such thing.
And the compression of 0 to 100 only refers to how much effort (time) is spent compressing png.
Setting of 0 will spend minimum effort and produce big files, while 100 will spend lots of time to give small files. Both files will look identical. And of course, there are values in-between, like 15, which is just a bit of effort.

This is very different from (for example) jpeg Quality, where the setting sets actual image quality.
It defines so-called quantization tables in jpeg, which tell encoder how much data to throw away.
If you decrease jpeg Quality in Blender, jpeg file will be smaller, but also jpeg image quality worse.


Huh,you learn something new everyday :+1:


That is very true, knowledge is a bottomless ocean. And, here’s a bit more of knowledge on the topic…

Even at 100% Quality jpeg will degrade image a bit, it is lossy (with loss of data) image format.
Since it sacrifices some data (somewhat intelligently), jpeg files are often smaller than png files.
For some simple images png can be smaller and better, while jpeg efficiency good for photos.

If you want to do some e.g. color grading in Blender with files, then OpenEXR is better than png.
While png is good to view (everything can open it), OpenEXR can match precision inside Blender.
In this way (for example) brightening dark image in the compositor will not give a bunch of blobs.

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That is spot on the flowing effect is prefect and no small white dashes, love it :heart_eyes:

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