Wallpaper Submission - Polygon Plus Ultra

Software used : c4d + Redshift
Blender file available


I really, really like the light version, but the dark is not appealing due to the drab brown colors. It just looks depressing. Dark mode doesn’t have to be that dark. I use dark mode universally. When I worked in a brightly lit office, I used light themes, but that doesn’t work at home. :slightly_smiling_face:


Really great work! your lighting is amazing. (btw, just make sure you can provide the source files in an open-source format)

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Hi! I have the same worry as Aron here: would you be able to provide the source files in a open format, as requested by the rules?

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Hey! Thanks for the feedback I’ll rework the dark version! I wanted to add some yellowish tone for the dark theme but I think it wasn’t a good idea :confused:

Hey ! no prob i’m already working on a blender version !

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Thank you ! I’m already working on a .blend version for the open source format !

Thanks for taking it the right way. :grinning: Waiting to see the result.

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I personally really like the dark one

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