We need a new Akonadi for Plasma 6

I mean… I guess most people will use Firefox and Thunderbird and not Falkon and KMail. And thats totally fine.

I think KDE really shines in other software like

  • Dolphin
  • Spectacle
  • Gwenview (has the potential to replace old proprietary XNViewMP)
  • Krita (?)
  • KDEnLive
  • klipper
  • krunner
  • the desktop, kwin, all that

I guess that Thunderbird in a company could be harder than something actually integrated? But I dont know.

Yup agree Google and Microsoft are free to implement their code into KMail so that Linux (!) Users can have their messages scanned if their company is unable to run an own mailserver (lol) but for some reason everyone uses KDE.

What company does that?

Good point – KDE / Akonadi / KMail / Merkuro are, AFAICS, as far as PIM is concerned, more than acceptable solutions but, there are issues with Alphabet and Redmond …

  • Looking at Redmond – the “inbuilt/delivered with” Windows Mail will be phased out next year – licensed Windows users will have to pick up the successor – a licensed Outlook clone …
    Or, move to Thunderbird on their licensed platforms …

  • Looking at Alphabet – licensed Android pocket telephone users will be stuck with the “App” …

Yes, please, Alphabet and Redmond –

  • Is it really gong to hurt if, you contribute to the KMail code-base?

Mine? :slight_smile:

Seriously, and sorry for the off-topic, but for a long time at my day job (a web hosting company) we used exclusively Kubuntu on all of our desktops: IT, sales, marketing, customer support, finance, HR, etc

Sure, there were some hiccups but 99.9% of the time people did their work with no issues. Some even started using Linux and KDE at home!

OK, I lied: there was one sole designer at the company and he used Windows.

Then we started growing, hired more people, started providing Windows hosting, so Windows started showing up more, even a couple Macs.

But still today, I’d say we’re 80% Linux on the desktops, and of that it’s 95% KDE.


Damn, thats pretty cool