Weird Wayland scaling with fractional scaling

I use a 1080p monitor with 75% scaling and a 1440p monitor with 100% scaling, so if i move a window over, it has the same size and everything is fine, as both are 24 inch.
I now have the weird problem that for xwayland applications this works totally fine, but when using QT applications or Electron/Chrome/Brave using the ozone flag, it scales it very weirdly, as you can see here:

Somehow this doesnt affect GTK applications at all.
This bothers me since months and researching it i havent really found anything that fixes this, so im asking here now.

Edit: Im using Garuda (Arch), and the latest Plasma stable, this doesn’t affect only the latest, as this problem persists since months.
Edit 2: It used to work like 5 months ago.