What determines whether Discover shows updates for (nonexistent) themes?

I’ve tried everything I could possibly think of now to get rid of these unwanted “add-on” updates for themes which I haven’t installed. They were tried early on and have since been uninstalled from the GUI as well as had all related files I could find deleted. Nothing helps. They keep showing up as “add-on” updates in Discover.

I’ve searched online, asked here, asked on IRC, asked ChatGPT, hunted around myself on my system, possibly deleted more files than I should in an attempt to get rid of this, but nothing helps; the “updates” for these themes (“Sweet Aurorae”, for example) keep appearing no matter what I do.

What determines whether themes are considered “installed” by Discover? It evidently is not the existence of theme files, nor the “installedness” displayed in the GUI settings (“Global Theme” area).

Isn’t there a clear protocol detailing where exactly the themes’ files need to be located? Or can they just run any random script?

Besides the standard locations, I also found files (which I assume are relevant to this because of the name) in ~/.local/share/aurorae and elsewhere. I delete them but the updates keep coming. Yes, I’ve rebooted in between (numerous times).

There must be some sort of list of themes in some file which triggers these unwanted updates.

You have been struggling with issue after issue after issue on this forum for two months. You could have done a reinstall from scratch and been back up and running in a short amount of time. I have my data backed up and I can do a clean install in less than two hours. Should you do this? It’s your call.

If you decide to do this, start with a fresh ISO and verify the checksum on it. Then don’t go and install a bunch of stuff that you don’t need. After all you have gone through, you should have a good idea as to what to stay away from.

I am going to guess that it uses the same lists that the “Get New foo” tool uses to show what has been installed. Registries are kept in /.local/share/knewstuff3

Maybe yours have been corrupted, or have somehow had permissions/ownership changed somehow. It is a weird one, for sure.

Anyway, THIS has a decent description, though it is older, and doesn’t mention Discover.

System Settings simply ,shows things based on the the actual theme files that are found in the correct locations (I think). The "Get New’ registries allow the built-in theme browser tool or Discover to know what has been installed, etc, to be able to query the KDE Store for updates. If you simply delete the files, or manually add things by copy/paste, the registry has no idea that this has happened.

And another thing to note, is that for Global Themes, the individual components are not removed when uninstalling it. Color Schemes, Plasma Styles, etc.

It *could * be a bug, of course. I have seen this happen, though it was a long while ago.

If this were his only problem, I could go with that. It’s a matter of “how much suffering is enough?”

I always look at such a list of problems with the first question being, "what is the quickest and least painful way to get back up and running.

When Plasma 6.0 is released, I already plan to do a clean install and config everything from scratch. Then I will drop in my documents, photos, Brave and Thunderbird configs and start with a clean system for the new version.

The question is ultimately information-seeking, and easily answered. Or easily ignored.

Yes, Claydoh, it is.

from you last post on this subject i learned to manually check each of these theme settings to make sure everything was deleted after “uninstalling” a global theme.

#a global theme can add items to these settings, but may not remove them all upon uninstall

  • Appearance > Global Theme
  • Appearance > Plasma Style
  • Appearance > Colors
  • Appearance > Windows Decorations
  • Appearance > Icons
  • Appearance > Cursors
  • Appearance > Splash Screen
  • Startup and Shutdown > SDDM

#need to manually check each settings page, select the red trash can(s) and hit apply

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Things I would try in such a case:

  • Ensure you have made a backup of the config files in your home directory.
  • Use grep -iR <name_of_theme> ~ to search your home dir for files containing references to that theme. Those are candidates that you could try to edit or delete.
  • If that doesn’t help, you can try to successively rename or delete part of your user config. If you want to do this effectively with few steps without actually knowing anything about which file is responsible for the updates still being displayed, you can use the technique of bisecting: Moving out half of the files or folders to see which half still reproduces the problem, then apply that principle recursively until you have isolated the exact file(s) responsible.
    See Bisection on Wikipedia for more detailed description).
  • If you have found out which files made Discover show updates for the removed themes, report a bug on bugs.kde.org.
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@WilsonEPhillips, let’s try to tone down the skepticism a bit. This seems like a legitimate problem, even if it’s written in longform.

To answer the original question, I suspect it’s actually a bug related to the KNewStuff data getting out of sync between the downloader windows and Discover. They’re not as well-integrated as they could be right now.

Nate there was no skepticism intended. My point was that if I had so many issues from day one of an install, I would start over from scratch. A few hours of pain to redo it, or work for months trying to straighten it out.

After 30+ years supporting a casino that could not stand to have downtime, you had to be willing to make a choice of what is the least painful way out.

I doubt a full reinstall would help with problems caused by over-customization.

But in this case I believe there is actually just a bug rather than some kind of user error going on. The KNS system is known to be rather fragile and under-maintained.