What is the consenus on Lemmy?

Is kind of worrying is there any new updates on this.

Also would it be acceptable to create my account on lemmy.kde.social i am interested in kde but not much involved in it at least as of yet

This whole thing is very subjective and very political - if you feel the complaints warrant a boycott, feel free to boycot.

Assuming all that was said by Fedi.Tips is true (I’m not going to bother checking up on that, so I’m taking it at face value), the complaint centers around the fact that the authors of Lemmy (I’m guessing only a few, out of the ~220 contributors to Lemmy’s source code) run a Lemmy instance where they allow some objectionable material to be posted.

My own very subjective, non-representing-anything, opinion is “death of the author”.

I think that using a good software that you host yourself and is in charge of running (like any good free software), that in itself does not contain objectionable material is fine, even if some of its authors have objectionable opinions. For example I do not boycott the Harry Potter books even though I have serious issues with the political opinion of the author.

To me this seems like two or three steps to remote for me to boycott the software: “someone who contributes to the software also has a website where some other people said bad things, and the maintainer has not deleted those bad things, even after being asked for”, should that mean that everything they ever touched should now be tarred and marked with a scarlet letter? My answer would be “no”, but if you feel strongly the other way - you are always welcome not to participate :person_shrugging: .