What is the thinking behind the Overview effect

We are having a bit of a discussion over at the Manjaro Forum, in the Members area, about the combined Overview Grid View functionality, and there is quite a bit of confusion about where the devs are heading with this.

Is anyone free to explain the thinking?

What is the thinking of what? The grid view?

It’s for you to move windows between virtual desktops.

No. the way the combined Overview Gidview have been implemented. As seperate entities, on Plasma5, they work really well. One can set up any number of Virtual desktops, and choose to view them as an Overview or a Grid view.

On Plasma 6 they seem almost to be designed to be an either or choice, as for example, if one sets up desktops for a Grid View (ie 2 rows of 2), the Grid view functions correctly as a grid, but the Overview acts as if it is the ‘Show all windows on the current Desktop’

Conversely if you set up the Virtual Desktops as a single row, the Overview display correctly along the top of the screen, and the Virtual Desktop Thumbnails are selectable. But the Grid View displays as a single Row of N Virtual Desktops.

If you set up the desktops in Multiple rows of 1 desktop, the Overview displays correctly on the LH side of the Screen, and etc. While the Grid View display the Desktops as a Single column of N Desktops.

So what is the thinking here? Are they supposed to be an actual either or choice, and the bug is that they are both selectable even when one or the other doesn’t display as expected.?

Ah yes, I see what you mean.

No, I don’t think the two modes corresponds to line vs. grid layout of virtual desktops. I guess Overview is for switching windows in the current desktop, and switching to another desktop. Grid is for moving windows between desktops.

IMHO Overview should show a desktop grid in a row, while Grid should show a long row as a grid, so they both work in both layouts.

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That seems reasonable… of course on Plasma 5 one can move a window to another desktop, when in Overview mode, but only from the current active desktop.