What is your favorite(s) KDE app?

Essential: Dolphin, the KDE shell, KDE Connect, KDE Partitionmanager

Nice: Okular, Kate, Kolourpaint, Spectacle, Ark (with all the awesome formats)

I love the Breeze cursors, but dont really like the icons, decorations and symbols. Also Gwenview, Kwrite and sometimes Discover are a pain.

I use Fedora Kinoite, the best KDE distro there is. The Dev has no time to maintain the rawhide branch, which would be absolutely awesome with Kernel 6.5 and Qt6 to try out.

So on Kinoite preinstalled bloat is annoying, as you need to remove it on every update (automatically but takes time). But KDE has nearly no bloat!

With Windows or GNOME I think every standard app sucks. Dolphin in Gnome is awesome too!

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It’s definitely different, - there might be something in the Configure menu that might help you, - such as disabling the capture instructions and some elements of the UI. I hear you though, the old UI was wonderfully unobtrusive…

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Some KDE programs I use frequently are:

  • Yakuake - I like being able to quickly launch a terminal session while working on something.
  • Kate - Usually I use a CLI text editor for quick edits, but for big projects I like the design of Kate and its integration with Git.
  • Dolphin - Despite some quirks, Dolphin does just about everything I need in a file manager.

Dolphin, Gwenview, Kid3, Okular, Kile, Subtitle Composer, K3b, Konsole, Filelight, Marble

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+10 for Kate, + 9 for Okular : because not using them only on KDE, but on macOS as well.

if I may express my -1 to be fully honnest :
-1 for Cantor : as I never managed to get my matplotlib figures appearing inlined in my documents , despite the kind effort of the developer to help me… so sad !

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Kdenlive is the only KDE application I use and aware it comes from KDE.
actually I only use it since last week, but it solved me some problems
in Video editing that worth allot for me and my organization.

I love using applications focused on the specific features I need
at the moment. I hate wasting time learning applications usage
were I don’t need any of the application features.

Kate and Konsole, they help me to get things done.

Shoutout to Kmail and Kalendar!

Also I couldn’t use a PC without Dolphin anymore :smiley:

It’s hard to pick just one. KDE Plasma in general has made my computer life so much easier and genuinely more fun, be it the community of awesome devs or the apps themselves.


KMyMoney and KDE Partition Manager. I especially like Partiton Manager over other similar applications because it gives me a graphical interface to LVM volume groups and logical volumes.


Partition manager is awesome!

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Using Windows or even GNOME after Dolphin is such a mess.

Btw on Gnome native Dolphin runs quite well, Flatpak has theme issues.