What's a decent distro for the decent KDE Plasma expereince (Currently using KDE Neon)?

Me too - see my response further down the thread, but it’s been stable so far - lots of noise on their forums about issues with the upgrade to plasma 6, but I didn’t have any (I also don’t have nvidia graphics or anything so YMMV).

chromecast - so I can’t cast from the browser to the chromecast on my smart tv

I won’t use any of those silly casting, or TV boxes. In fact, I make sure to not use anything smart aside from my degoogled phone and tablet.

Any TV I get is not smart at all. Yes, you can still find them. And I just plug in a regular PC into it. My mom’s got that set up for her TV setup.


I use fx_cast successfully on plain-old Firefox with a v1 Chromecast.

It is important to note that using extensions that need “bridges” (communicate with a companion application) does not work with Flatpak browser due to missing WebExtensions portal.

I’m using fx_cast with either the Snap Firefox or native Firefox.

Just plug in a small form factor computer into the TV and watch TV on that. Besides, better off with an Ethernet connection for streaming anyways. So much simpler.

Thank you! Have native browser and was able to install from the github link you provided but still have the bridges issue. Will keep playing with it.

That seems like a pain compared to just getting a small form factor PC to plug into the TV.

If people have hardware (f ex a chromecast) to just plug in it seems very reasonable and way less painful to do that than having to spend more money on something you already own.

Thank you for that. The other day my friend was asking me to help him with his chromecast only sending sound.
I had no idea what it was (never owned any chromecast) but suspected DRM.
I now might have a solution (other than just renaming the files, that also works apparently LOL), to use firefox to open the media somehow.
Thank you for this tip. :slight_smile:

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Huh? Rolling-release distros don’t suddenly break if you don’t update them regularly. I use Arch Linux and have had periods where I didn’t upgrade my system for six months (even currently, I haven’t upgraded since January). After checking the Arch news page for any manual interventions required and making sure that other users aren’t reporting some upstream broken packages, I was able to upgrade without any problems. If during that time I had any need to install packages, I made a small script to get these from the Arch Linux Archive.

All rolling-release distros are fine then…

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Please stop giving bad advice.

Yeah, and if you did not, would it break?
This comment is something you can read on the arch foums, and it is just as ridiculous there as it is here.

No it is NOT.
Please stop giving bad advice.
What he should use is a fixed point of even immutable, DEFINITELY not a rolling one.

Vanilla KDE in Arch is perfect. The KDE Plasma experience depends on the quality of Plasma itself so in that sense using something like Fedora which gets a later, more patched Plasma makes more sense for the OP.

Also, @ConfuSomu is right, rolling-release distros definitely don’t suddenly break if you don’t update them regularly. The only “issue” you can get if you don’t update for some time on Arch is that keys can go obsolete, so the 1st thing one should do before anything else is populate the keyring with fresh keys then do the update. Easy as pie.

@bedna Please stop the fearmongering instead.

I am not fearmongring, I am WARNING that this information is incorrect.

I have on multiple occations even in this thread promoted the easy use of a rolling release, it is super easy in 2024. All you have to do is keep it updated.

What you guys are doing here is HURTING a potential new user with bad info.
REALLY bad info.

weren’t you using Manjaro if I remember correctly? Please don’t talk on behalf of Arch and spread FUD if you don’t really have a clue what a real rolling-release distro is, or if you lack experience.

I do, unstable, and testing, I also have 3 computers with pure arch, a Garuda AND is about to install Tumbleweed to learn it better.
A couple of debian servers.
TONS of SBC:s with both armbian, rpi os and all sorts of weird small distros.

You were saying?


Quoting myself:

Now where’s the bad advice…

The only advise I can give you is to calm down and tone down the FUD.

I also have an SFF PC connected to the TV, but (a) if you don’t have that then a Chromecast is an order of magnitude cheaper than an SFF PC or a “streamer”; (b) casting is a completely different use case from an HTPC and is complementary. The use case is often something like “hey, look at this cool thing I found while using my computer, here I’ll cast it so you can see”.

Yeah, they are probably incorrect in the arch wiki too, the first few lines read:

Regular system maintenance is necessary for the proper functioning of Arch over a period of time. Timely maintenance is a practice many users get accustomed to.

This is insane, I’m out.

Btw, Arch users don’t ever think using and do not recommend Manjaro, so allow me to doubt about your experience, no matter what you say.

I could care less about that. Neither could my mom. The less complications, the better.

I am using RebornOS with KDE plasma and it works so smooth. At first I was overwhelmed by the KDE settings and such, but now it feels so natural and nice.
P.S. RebornOS is based of ArchLinux.