What's the best way to programmatically disable KDE Plasma desktop visual effects- Kiosk, kwriteconfig5, ...?

Hi. I would like to implement a sort of script that will be run once KDE Plasma is installed.
It’s just about making KDE Plasma more lightweight on effects (like described here https://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/speed-up-the-kde-plasma-5-desktop/ or here Archive:Speeding up KDE - Mageia wiki).
For example: set Animation Speed to max, set wallpaper to simple black solid color instead of image, disable Compositor, etc.

While browsing legacy and new boards I’ve primarily found references to Kiosk or kwriteconfig5. I don’t really like to consider the option to edit config files programmatically.
On the other side, I culdn’t spot in Kiosk’s docs how I can replace default image wallpaper with a simple solid color (thought idea of Kiosk sounded quite similar to what I need).

So, those who know it from inside, what’s my best path to explore - is it Kiosk (so I can better study docs), is it kwriteconfig5 or is it something else I haven’t yet found?

Thank you!