When hovring over application launcher on panel an app pops up


I enjoy new KDE 6!

One minor maybe-bug I observed is the following:

When I hover over the app launcher menu button, the name of an app (in this case “anydesk”) appears and if I click it opens. This is annoying, when I want to open the app menu, but click on the app icon that shouldn’t be there.

Has anyone observed the same and maybe can tell me, how I can avoid this?


OpenSuse Tumbleweed
KDE 6.0.3

This sounds like an incorrect positioning of the AnyDesk system tray notification icon’s target area.

I noticed that you are using a vertical panel - does this also happen with a horizontal panel? Does this also happen if AnyDesk is not running(*)?

*) Not even in the background, as a system tray notification icon - a thing that it does by default.

You are right. Without running Anydesk (killed background job) it is gone.

This sounds like a good candidate for bug reporting - especially if it reproduces only for vertical panels. Can you see if you can prove that it doesn’t happen with a horizontal panel?

Only with vertical panel. So I will file a bug report…

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No need, this is 433079 – On Wayland container windows created by XEmbedSNIProxy are not stacked below root window.