Where are the templates in KAppTemplate?


I just installed KAppTemplate on Fedora 38. There are only two templates in KAppTemplate, which you can confirm from the templates directory in the source code: src/templates/C++ · master · SDK / KAppTemplate · GitLab

I recall there being many more templates by default in the past, including ones for QML, kirigami, Plasma widgets, etc. You can see some of them in this screenshot and described on the KAppTemplate website: KAppTemplate - KDE Applications

Where did all of these templates go? Are they in different packages now?

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Templates for KAppTemplate and KDevelop use a certain format from KDE4 (?) time that is little documented and is scattered throughout the wikis.

It’s like KCMs in terms of modularity: a few templates are provided by default, but any application (or third party) can ship their own.

Templates are stored in a templates/ folder inside projects that provide them. Kirigami ships with one, KIO ships with one, KTextEditor ships with one, KRunner ships with a few, KDE Plasma Frameworks ships with a few. Probably a few others I missed out there.

I think you’ll need to install their respective development libraries before templates appear in KAppTemplate and KDevelop.

I learned about this only recently myself. It’s in my to-do list, although they aren’t that difficult to figure out. :eyes:


Ah I see, for example Kirigami has their template folder here: templates · master · Frameworks / Kirigami · GitLab

I think it makes sense to have each project create and distribute the templates relevant to them. Its possible in the past I had installed a ton of dev packages before opening KAppTemplate, and this time did things in a reverse order.

Thank you for the clarification.

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