Where do I report a bug in KMM Version 5.1.3-2fecc3fb5?

What is the URL to report a bug in KMM?

KMM Version 5.1.3-2fecc3fb5
• configure toolbars
• transfer item “show scheduled transaction page” to the right-hand list
• change text of toolbar item → apply → OK
• select added (and renamed) item on tool bar → system crashes w/o any message

[I was sure I replied to this earlier, but no evidence of my message. I need to figure out where the gremlins are.]
This is good enough for now, as the same people see it here as would see a formal bug report at bugs.kde.org.
I can confirm the crash. (Note the fourth bullet should be change text, OK, Apply, OK)
I’ll have to run in the debugger to find the cause. Stay tuned.

Curiouser and curiouser. Renaming the item is not necessary to cause the crash. If you simply add one of the “Show …” items to the toolbar (which isn’t really necessary, because it should be just as easy to click one of the icons in the view selector) and then click on an icon in the view selector, you get a crash (I haven’t yet confirmed whether it is the same crash or not. In fact, once you add any of the Show icons to the toolbar, many actions (choosing another view, or editing a transaction if already in the ledgers view) crash.

Additional odd things: most toolbar icons seem to add and display and function ok, but the Show … ones do not. If you add them, then quit and restart KMM, they are not displayed, but any other icons added to the toolbar do show up. Any editing to the toolbar makes them show up, but also primes for the crash. So far, all the bt’s I’ve seen end in qtwidgets.cpp/.h, but are called from different places in KMM. I’m still looking for any commonality.

No need to open a new bug for that matter (which would be a duplicate to this one)

I installed KMyMoney 5.1.3. It kept going through introduction until I chose to save configuration file.

When I chose to save configuration file, it is crashing in an attempt to open “Tips of the Day”

I have reinstalled. I have deleted .config directory and started over. I have restarted after the install, after uninstall, and again after reinstall.

I am using kmymoney5-mingw64-5.1.3-3.1.12-setup for installing.

Does this also happen with a version generated with MSVC on the KDE binary factory?

I have no idea what is that MSVC thing you are talking about?

I got the setup file from “Install” link on KMyMoney.org.

I can’t use it in the current format. It is claimed to be a stable build from September 2022.

Others would have used it too and discovered worked around.

Thanks for getting back,


Sorry for not being precise. MSVC (short for MicroSoft Visual C/C++) as opposed to MinGW (Minimalist GNU for Windows) is a different way to build KMyMoney for Windows. Both versions are mentioned on the KMyMoney download page:

The MSVC one is build daily on the KDE binary factory (also known as KDE’s CI build pipeline) with all the latest changes and fixes, whereas the MinGW one is build only on occasion. Since the MSVC one was last built this morning, I was asking you to install that to see if the problem has been fixed in the meantime.

Therefore, please uninstall the version you have and install the one from KDE binary factory.

Hope that makes it a bit clearer.


I was using a stable build from September of 2022.
I am a user and not a developer.

I was trying to find an alternate to Quicken, [I got tired of the black mail of $60/yr.]. Chat GPT has a great view of KMyMoney. It does not work for me.

I want to talk to someone, who made it work,‘’

Thanks, Mr. Wizard. God bless you.


There is a dump file.
How do I attach that file.
When I used WeaveBrowser to read that file, that brought me to a ton of documentation.
I sure can use help.

What do you mean by ‘dump file’? Did you try the version I mentioned? If not, please do. I/we cannot provide support for the version kmymoney5-mingw64-5.1.3-3.1.12 (anymore). It was generated by one of the developers as a private project and he is currently not available.

I wish to use the stable build. I am not interested in debugging some specific build. I am a user and not a developer.

Thanks for the help. I regret bugging you. You may thank Chat GPT, because that service gave me your website.

According to Chat GPT, KMyMoney has all I care for and then some. It can even import data from Quicken.

Unfortunately, it crashes. I can’t use it. It has all those features and I never get to use a single feature.

Thanks, again.

I am really sorry to have fallen for all the praise by Chat GPT.


Please don’t get me wrong: the version I am talking about is just as stable as yours, maybe more so as it simply contains bug-fixes on top of the version you installed and therefore may solve your problem. You may call it a patch update. That is the reason I am asking you to try it.

Installing it is not related to any debugging of a version which is still under (heavy) development at all. That would be a completely different topic.

Where do I get the version, you are talking about?
Refer me to the setup file, please.


If you asking for help then you should follow the advice the experts giving you and not arguing about it.
And btw., why are you high jacking this thread and posting your problems under a totally different subject? I’m now getting bombed with notification about postings I’m not interested in.
The KMM team is doing an awesome work.