Where is the list of donor members in plasma 6?

the donation page says that your name will be in plasma 6. This might be obvious, but where can we find our names? So far I’ve no luck finding it.

thanks in advance.


@artfulsodger The names of Plasma 6 supporters is in the Plasma Welcome dialog that displays the first time you run Plasma 6 (you can run it manually via “plasma-welcome”). On the last page of that dialog there is a button in the upper right corner which reveals the names. Yeah it i a bit hidden and you can easily miss it. maybe the list could also be added to About KDE dialog or something.


<hands raised> I didn’t contribute…

… but yeah, maybe a link - shame the list is hard-baked into the binary with no way to even jump to the page… I mean, who really steps through (at a minimum, 5, possibly endless depending on the contents of /usr/share/plasma/plasma-welcome/extra-pages/)

I suppose the donate screen could be broken out as a page that is not normally displayed, but could be forced as a sole page, much like the PlasmaUpdate.qml page is by plasma-welcome --post-update-beta.