Where lies the code for running '.desktop' files in Plasma?

Greetings everyone.

I’m trying to locate the piece of common code, in the KDE Plasma source project, which comes into action when I start an application using a “.desktop” file (from like the launcher, or via Dolphin, etc).

I have found that the parsing is handled in “KService”, but I’d like to know where exactly is made the “execve” system call, or something like that… (haven’t managed to figure out)…

Would you kindly help me ?
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

KDE isn’t so low level that we use system calls :laughing: I’m pretty sure that application launching is KIO’s job though, so it might be worth searching in there.

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The relevant KDE code is ApplicationLauncherJob in KIO. The actual system call is done by QProcess from Qt though


Thank you very much to both, this is all I wanted to know. :smiley: