Where to report bug in Clipboard Manager?

It doesn’t have an About page.

Also, Get New Stuff doesn’t appear to show it as published, not that it seems to provide a hyperlink to the widgets’ FreeDesktop.org store listings that it parses anyway.

I ask because I’m experiencing some strange issues with it:

  1. When selecting any entry via its GUI, it freezes plasmashell for many seconds; and
  2. Occasionally, if plasmashell has been open for a while and I’ve performed many actions with the clipboard, merely copying text shall cause plasmashell to freeze until it’s kquitapp’d.

I can provide a recording, but if I use OBS my CPU shall overheat, and I’m rather forced to use X due to 1207906 – Wayland crashes when automatic authentication via SDDM with Wayland is enabled. and 470535 – noborderrule=2 doesn't work on Wayland, does on X. so I can’t use Spectacle without switching sessions and waiting for #2 to occur.

I’d rather at least first do what Can Clipboard Manager history be exported? explains to prove whether its history value is the issue.

I think you can report to https://bugs.kde.org/
Product: plasmashell
Component: Clipboard

Please search the bugtracker if the issue is already reported before creating a new bug report.

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