Which is the newer version?

I have:
KDE neon 5.27"
NAME=“KDE neon”
------------------ Installed April 2023

But I found out there is a newer version since June 23,
should I install the newer version, or make an update?
if update, how?

Based on the faq page of KDE neon

It is based on Ubuntu 22.04 the same as your install.
Since Neon always has the latest KDE software, KDE plasma should be on version 5.27, same as your install.

As long as you update your system, installing the June version won’t change anything imo.

Note: I don’t use Neon, I might be wrong

A newer version of what, specifically?

Neon always has the current Plasma related releases, so you have already that as long as you update your system regularly, using Plasma Discover when prompted.

They also build fresh installation ISO images regularly, usually every week. This keeps a new install from needing as many updates to catch up.

Now, the actual Ubuntu LTS OS only sees full upgrades to a new release every two years. The next one is in 2024, with Neon doing so some months later (historically)

When you update regularly, you keep the OS current in terms of security , kernel, and browser updates.

tl;dr: if you have been updating regularly, you have nothing to do to be the most current with neon :slight_smile: