Why do some Breeze cursors have strange `yhot` in 1.5x?

I was trying to generate 2.5x and 3x cursors for Breeze. Noticed that the cursor bottom_left_corner and bottom_right_corner, have strange yhot settings.

In other cursors, e.g.

numbers in 1.5x and 2x settings are simply 1.5x and 2x of the original number.

While in bottom_left_corner:

The yhot number is 35 instead of 26x1.5=39. Meanwhile for 2x it’s the normal 26x2=52.

Anything special in these two cursors? What number should I use for 2.5x?

And I checked the generated images. The hot spot 6 35 is way off.
The correct numbers should be

5 26
8 39
10 53

which is not very far off if we just do a 1.5x and 2x scaling on 5 26