Why does this forum block remembering usernames/passwords?

Every time I log in here, I’m forced to copy and paste both the username and password from my password manager. When submitting, my browser asks if I want to remember it. Every single time. But it’s never remembered.

I don’t understand why some sites (such as this forum) do some sort of “blocking” of the “remember password” mechanism in browsers, so that logging in such a chore.

Is it a mistake or done consciously? If the latter, why on Earth?

I’m using Brave (chromium) and I don’t have this issue. I logged in once and now I just come to the website and I am recognized. I have to agree with @darhma below. I think you may have it set to reject the cookies or delete them on exit.

With firefox no problem staying logged in. Have you set cookies to be deleted on exit?

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No issues saving/remembering passwords here, with Firefox, Chrome, or Brave.

I clear cookies and all other browser data daily. I’m not talking about staying logged in, but about how the login screen blocks the “remember password” mechanism.

That data is saved in cookies.

There is a middle place between convenient and secure. For me, I just block 3rd party cookies. On the other hand, I don’t tend to visit a lot of websites. I am very particular as to where I go and what I click on. I have had to clean a lot of viruses off other people’s Windows computers, because they will click on anything that says “FREE!” I have only had one virus on Windows and that was way back in the 1990s.

I do however have a huge /etc/hosts file that blocks a large number of sites. There are many available on the web that you can copy and paste into your own /etc/hosts file. I say mine is huge, but it’s only about 300k and 10,000 lines in size.

No. What? Again, I’m not talking about staying logged in. I’m talking about how the login page breaks the “remember password” mechanism in the browser for some reason, making it a major chore to login instead of just clicking one button, and I’m wondering why this is.

I did not misspeak. I am not talking about staying logged in. The login info for the page is saved in a cookie. Where else would it be?

Remember that there are more than one type of cookie. You are thinking only of session cookies.

Please don’t take this the wrong way. That is not my intention. I just want you to learn.

“I clear cookies and all other browser data daily. I’m not talking about staying logged in, but about how the login screen blocks the “remember password” mechanism.”

You answered your own question right there. When you click “Remember Password,” It creates a cookie to save that login info. Then you manually delete the cookies. You cannot have it both ways. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not talking about the cookies saved by the website.

I’m talking about the LOGIN FORM. It’s doing something to block the remembering (and thus auto-filling) of the username + password. It’s blocking this, forcing me to manually copy and paste the username and password each time when I need to log in, instead of having it pre-filled by the browser.

Auto-fill. Now, I understand. Brave fills it in just fine for me, so I don’t see where the site is blocking this. You have yet to tell us what browser you use.

I find it strange you aren’t able to autofill the username/password fields. The site appears to be following all best practices to enable such functionality;

  • The HTML elements are marked with unique IDs
  • The HTML elements have the correct autocomplete attributes for username and current-password

In addition, no combination of browser, OS, and password manager that I’ve personally tested has failed to autofill.

Not a single one. UNLESS. He/she is using firefox with temporary containers addon. If that’s the case, the user should also add the regular multiaccount containering addon which allows logins/per site. Or, the user has set the browser to whipe everything in history on closing the browser. ( which doesn’t seem to be the case since other logins work) Or, yes, it’s some demonic feature the discuss people have built in to annoy people.

Vivaldi, which is just a “Chrome skin” like every other browser these days. (Except Firefox which I had to abandon after Mozilla jumped the shark a few years ago.)

Not too far-fetched, sadly.

I was being sarcastic. Vivaldi. Well, I guess you could “adress” the closed source vivaldi people about your issue if that’s the browser you’re using. Maybe it’s them blocking the password storage for this site.

But I wasn’t being sarcastic.

The Vivaldi developers don’t do much of anything. It’s just Chrome like everything else. It’s something that this site or whatever software is using is doing, since password-remembering is not blocked universally.

Why would I “adress” (what’s with that spelling and the quotes?) the Vivaldi people (who never listen to bug reports anyway) about an issue which is clearly not their doing?

O yeah. Must be that. The site is…wonky…to say the least.
On a sidenote. I spell however I like.

With any issues like this, try another browser to see if the issue is Vivaldi or some setting or plugin that’s used.

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It only happens here, but not on other sites, so it must not be my browser being broken. I remember banks using some sort of attribute for form elements to block this feature, and maybe others do as well in an attempt to “be more secure” or some nonsensical reason.