Why is the settings menu in Plasma Mobile so different from Plasma?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using Plasma Mobile a lot lately, and I noticed the settings menu is very different from the regular Plasma one. There is no hierarchy and a lot of options are missing. I understand that lots of settings you would find on a conventional x86_64 PC do not apply for a mobile device. But still, for example the page to change what happens when the power button is pressed is completely missing in Plasma Mobile, even though I can access it using kcmshell5 and it works perfectly fine.

Is this to make it simpler to navigate? I think having a two level hierarchy is something new users might even appreciate. And for everyone who tried Plasma before, it might be good to have the familiar structure.

I assome there’s got to be a good reason that I’m overlooking. Does anyone know?

The end goal is to use the plasma mobile settings app also on the desktop but for that to happen we need to port the remaining QtWidgets KCM to kirigami/QML and also implement some missing features from the desktop setting app to the mobile setting app (categories and search are notably missing feature).

Unfortunately no one had the time to work on it yet but we do want the mobile setting to behave similarly to the desktop one and then completely replace it in the future.

Thank you, I understand that.

What do you think about adding the “old” QtWidgets as “links” in the meantime? Kinda like Windows did it with their old and new control panel?

As far as I could tell, they still work fine, even as a standalone window. Although, it might be different story on a tiny phone screen.

Anyways, thanks for letting me know!

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The QtWidgets KCMs don’t currently fit on phone screens at all. As Carl said, we need to port these KCMs to QML in order to have them properly integrated into the settings.

We should probably look into having categories in the settings, no one has had the time so far to do it yet.