Widgets in taskbar overlap (seemingly they have no width)

Since upgrading to Plasma 6, the widgets in my taskbar seem to loose their width, meaning they all overlap:


It’s not very visible, but left next to the status icons, there is actually another widget to show the memory useage.

Some stuff I noticed/tried:

  • I have tried resetting by removing the config files.
  • Going into edit mode fixes the overlap, but not the memory usage widget (so maybe these are unrelated issues?)

I would report this as a bug, but I have no idea which component this should go to, or how I would provide useful debug information, besides the screenshot.

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I can’t remember which, but I deleted some KDE/Plasma-related files from $HOME/.config and $HOME/.local/share and the problem seems to have fixed itself.

This worked, but was like a nuke and reset my entire desktop. Had to redo my entire desktop.
You know that’s a lot of work. ;-))