Will plasma 6 support opentype font features?

Recently QT 6.6 was released with support for opentype font features. Anybody who is unaware about what it is can play around with it in Inter font family website to get a general idea. Currently gtk support this through fontconfig. Will we get support for it in plasma 6. Thank you for reading, have a great day.

It looks like this support is limited to QtQuick only, and doesn’t include all options, not Qt as a whole. Recommend following QTBUG-78645 to see if Qt adds full support.

What does “Support for it in Plasma 6” mean? What kind of change do you expect?

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Hi @nicolasfella,

Take a look at the below picture. The left window is Kate (QT) and the right one is Geany(GTK). Both are using the same font named Inter. If you look at the 5th line of both editors you can see 0 and l are looks different. This is possible because Inter support opentype font features like most modern fonts. You can check it out here in their website. You can enable such features using fontfeatures in your fontconfig. But currently QT doesn’t support it, GTK & Electron does. Hope this clear things.

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As far as I understand the Qt change adds API to allow application developers to control which font features are used. That’s not quite the same as reading the features from fontconfig.

Qt generally uses fontconfig to do things, I don’t know to what extend it reads/respects those features.

It’s also somewhat unrelated to Plasma 6. What matters is the Qt version the application uses, which isn’t necessarily the same that Plasma uses