Win10 SMS shows phone numbers but not names

On Windows 10 connected to a Pixel 6, I can see my SMS messages, but they only show phone numbers. How would I have it show the names with those phone numbers? I have enables contacts permissions.

You run KDE on Windows 10? (this being a KDE discussion forum)? Or just KDE connect?

If you’re not running KDE Connect on both the phone and Windows, I suggest you do. Ironically I get the name and the contact’s picture in a KDE notification, but not the number. Works even for Signal on the phone.

Yes, KDE connect on both my Pixel 6 and Windows 10. And I also get the name and contact’s pic in the windows notification. Might go back to windows My Phone because who remembers phone #s anymore?

Here we are 24 hours later and, without any changes to permissions or anything else, contact names just showed up on my win10 PC! So, KDE just had to be in the mood?