Window resizing is capped at 500x500px after update

Running Manjaro on unstable repos (maybe I should’ve expected something like this, lol)

Not sure what the etiquette around tech support threads here is, please let me know if I should post this elsewhere or add more info. I didn’t want to open an issue on the bug tracker immediately as I don’t think I have enough info yet for it to be useful, so wanted to do some basic troubleshooting first.

I updated after not updating for a few weeks, and after a reboot I’m not able to make any windows larger than 500x500px. Check it out:

Some apps, like System Settings and OBS, seem to have a hardcoded minimum width/height - which is still respected. However these apps are unable to be resized at all on the relevant axes.

Additionally, using the Quick Tile shortcuts works fine, and I can even resize windows like normal when they are “quick tiled”. I suspect this is probably because of the difference in the way kwin handles tiled windows (resizing others when one is resized), but I don’t know the codebase enough (or at all) to be sure. Maximising windows also doesn’t do anything.

I’m running Plasma 5.27.5, Frameworks 5.106.0, Qt 5.15.9, Kernel 6.2.16-1-MANJARO (64-bit), on X11.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I tried it on Wayland and confirmed it still has the same behaviour. Interestingly, When apps with hardcoded initial sizes are opened, they open with their correct initial size, but this is immediately reset to 500px when it starts to be resized.

There isn’t anything particularly notable in journalctl - any other log files worth looking at/posting here?

Edit 2: Resizing with xdotool windowsize is also capped at 500x500. Not sure if that means anything but it is a fact.