Window Switching with Krunner

With a great number of options, the one glaring omission hit me today as something I blind-spotted because it’s not good.

You can type ‘windows’ to select windows from krunner. That’s too long.

Right now I have CtrlSpace bound to present windows all desktops - which brings up a filter, so you can type ‘sh’ to focus on a dolphin window showing the ~/.config/fish folder, for example.

As with WEB shortcuts, we need an option to select a way to call this up… maybe ‘w’ for window, and choose ‘space’ or something else for the delimiter.

You don’t need to type “windows”. You can just search for the name of the window itself and hopefully it will be the first item in the search results.

I was trying this with my Record (LibreOffice Calc) open on desktop 2, and then added another desktop with a Dolphin window open.

The difference in trying to find a way to filter a specific window is night and day.

Without knowing exactly what to type to persuade krunner to filter it out, then the Present Windows is obviously more than a few light years ahead.

Ca for Calc, ‘li’ for ‘LibreOffice’ or ‘rec’ for ‘Records.ods’ file would isolate the specific window.

With krunner, typingi ‘Record.o’ still required an arrow down to differentiate it from the recent file.

Typing in ‘Calc’ brings it up down a long list of applications, and this is why typing ‘Windows’ seems the only valid method in krunner. If a custom entry ‘w’ would activate the Windows search, then it’d be feasible.