Worst Case Scenario? Nope. Walk in the park

2 dedicated GPUS, 3 sound cards, 6 displays? USB devices out the ying yang? Was I expecting problems? Sure was. Did I have any? Not really. I was hit with the black screens with a cursor problem, but a forced reinstall of the plasma-desktop-data got that sorted.

I skipped Wayland and went right to X11 after reinstalling my custom SDDM script to get the rotations and sized sorted out BEFORE logging in. Happy to say, that worked and my desktop widget layout was not scrambled.

The best part is it did not mess with my theme at all. I still have the old task bar (not a fan of the floating bar), dark theme is correct, and the icons and wallpaper were left alone. Like some others, there seems to be a slowdown of the desktop FPS. I am hovering around 45fps when it should be sixty. Video playback performance seems good though.

The only things wrong are application dialogs/warnings/notifications are opening in the middle of the active display. Settings has them supposedly popping up near the tray icon, but this seems to not be working. It also seems “click to focus” is spotty at times, but that might be my trackball.

Testing my daily driver apps all resulted in success with all apps appearing to behave normally. Yakuake works fine (was the only thing working when in the black screen mess at the beginning). Sound works fine though I am not sure how keen I am on the new sound pack… I imagine I will get used to it.

The only complaint I have is the fonts in “Settings” seem to be really ugly. Kind of blurry, like they are being scaled. Not sure why that is as I have no scaling set.

All in all, this is about as perfect as one can hope for. Everything seems stable. Hopefully the two widgets that got broken will get updated soon as I do kind of miss them.

Well done KDE Team! I look forward to what the future brings.


Thanks so much for the kind words. Glad things worked well for you.

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Its gorgeous Nate. I am very impressed. It is remarkable really.

Happy to report both the 32bit and 64bit versions of Wine work. Steam works. Kdevelop works. Kstars works. Goverlay works, Inkscape… Everything works.

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