Wrong colors for some applications

Hello, I have been using KDE Plasma with X11 since the installation of vanilla Arch a week ago.

A very strange issue persisted with a few applications, since the beginning. For these, everything is in green or pink and seems to be brighter than normal.
Both Discord and Discord-ptb are this way. Strangely, if I take a screenshot of specifically these apps, the screenshot will be displayed in normal colors. That is why the picture at the end was taken with my phone. It works like it is supposed to in the browser.
VSCode and the Minecraft launcher (but not the game itself) are this way as well.
It is this way on both of my monitors and it worked fine with xfce on my previous Arch based OS.

While trying to do something with the drivers of my graphics card, I replaced the Nvidia module with the Nvidia-dkms module, with which it worked fine but there were other issues so I switched back to the previous. On the first boot, the colors were normal but upon the reboot today, they are off again. I don’t know if the same would have happened on a reboot with Nvidia-dkms still active, since switched back during the first session.
I don’t know what causes this but someone suggested it might be something with electron. Something else I thought it could be was the 10 bits per color issue, I read on the known issues page. I tried to find clues on forums and there were similar issues but only with browsers and none of them did provide a solution. It could also be an issue with my GPU or drivers.

I don’t know where to go from here. I have tried a lot and none of it really worked. I would like to avoid spending more days on reading a bunch of different documentations only for it to be pointless, if possible.
I’d be happy to provide any more information if needed. Thank you for reading.

everything about KDE in the pic looks normal.

what discord is doing in those windows is anyone’s guess.

try a different browser maybe.