X11 session not working anymore after latest updates on arch

Long story short it could be a driver issue which affects a very limited amount of users who are using nvidia+KDE+X11.

Unfortunately my Linux knowledge is very limited so I cannot diagnose this issue myself and I also lack the free time to investigate it properly. Truth be told, most of the people in the community don’t even want to hear about nvidia users using X11 :slight_smile: , luckily the devs still want X11 to be supported, so sooner or later a fix will emerge.

Anyways, thanks for looking into this, Alex!

Last October, 2023 the Gnome dev’s announced a proposal to remove the X11 session on The Register. I haven’t kept up with things on that since so I’m not sure at this time what’s going on.

Since last year I haven’t been able to get the Gnome DE working on any of my Linux os’s. (Slackware, Debian or Devuan) It works for a minute or 2 and then the whole DE locks up.

I joined the kde-devel mailing list and started a discussion with the kde dev’s so I’ll see if I can learn from them. If I learn something that will assist you in any way I’ll certainly let you know.

Last idea I can think of is to de-message the driver/module and see what the command line returns.

dmesg <name of driver>

And, yes sooner, I hope for you the fix will emerge.

Enjoy the day.

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