XWayland/Wayland Scaling

If the screen resolution (1920 x 1080) and the screen size (52.1cm x 29.8cm) then the DPI should be auto-calculable as (93.6dpi x 92.0dpi).

For Y (height), given that a point of font size is 0.353mm, the screen should be (29.8cm / 0.353pointsPerMM) 842points deep and a 10-point font should have a height of 3.53cm or 1.39in. With the 1080 resolution that gives a Yscale (scaling factor) of 1.2827 for Y (1080 / 842).

For X (width), give the DPI, X scale factor can be ratio-ed from 92.0/93.6 * 1.2827 = 1.2607 .

For Z (depth), assuming 30 inches viewing distance, the user could ratio this by their actual normal viewing distance. So a stated viewing distance of 50 inches could increase the scaling by 50/30 given (2.1378 x 2.1012).