1px border on right and left when on 150% scale

I just updated my machine from Fedora 39 to Fedora 40, and with it I got Plasma 6. I’m having a very bizzare issue I wasn’t having before though. With my display set to 150% scale, there’s a line of pixels on the right and bottom of the screen that aren’t getting properly wiped, and stuff is getting stuck there. Not everything does, but most notably are the little bouncy icons when an app opens and the blue glow that appears when your cursor is near a hidden panel. See the attached gif to see what I mean. This doesn’t happen on any other scale, only 150%, but I’d really like to use that scale as it is what looks best on my machine. The display has a resolution of 2560x1600 if that matters. Also, I don’t know if this is related, but before I upgraded some games defaulted to a resolution of 2561x1601 for some reason, but they don’t anymore. Not sure if that’s significant.

I’d appreciate some help, or if there’s not a fix on my end I will file a bug report.

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Correction: this happens on any scale from 130% to 150%. For the time being I’m using 155%, but now there is also a 1px line on the bottom where I can see my desktop. No stuck pixels though and it’s not there for completely fullscreen apps, so not a big deal. Unless someone has an idea on more precisely what’s going on, I will file a bug report soon.

This sounds like 482987 – With fractional scale, bottom edge of screen has pixels that are held to the color of previously opened windows after closing those windows. Possibly also 459373 – Maximized XWayland apps leave pixel gaps when using a fractional scaling factor.

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