1s delay, when launching desktop grid desktop effect

Has anyone experienced severe lag when it comes to the desktop grid effect, after a kde plasma update that removed animation duration sliders from many desktop effects. Even-though I have disabled all the animations. I have noticed that if I trigger the effect on a virtual desktop that has a video playing, the video stops for about a second (the whole desktop hangs) then we get the desktop grid view and the video can be seen playing on the aforementioned virtual desktop even when in desktop grid view.

Is there any way to speed up this desktop grid trigger, perhaps by disabling the live viewing of the desktops while in desktop view and only using a cached thumbnail for all the windows in all desktops. I strongly believe that this lag can be eliminated completely, as when I when I started using kde plasma everything was extremely snappy, you could not find lag in any of the transitions or effects.

On a possibly unrelated note, I did a full system update (sudo pacman -yu) today and now whenever I mouse over onto specifically a kde panel (taskbar or system tray) the tool-tip that loads causes the whole system to become extremely jittery (15 fps) or completely unresponsive, on top of that the cpu usage on 1 or 2 threads sky-rockets to 100%, this isn’t a compute intensive task, so shouldn’t take more than a single 5% usage thread for about a second.

I would really appreciate a response here, because I love all the features kde provides, but the recent jank is making it feel even worse than windows 11 (that’s a really low bar). I want the old kde back.

Yes, it’s a known bug: 455780 – WindowHeap-based effects are slightly slower to activate than previous versions.

If you can help fix the delay, please go ahead!