23.08.2 issues starting up. No older 23 releases in Archives

The latest 23.08.2 appimage refused to start on my Linux system. No action whatsoever.

So I went to grab 23.08.1 again from the “Previous Versions” Archives link on the bottom of this page: Download - Kdenlive

I noticed there are no older 23-release versions in the Archives. I think it would be useful to have them available for situations like this. What do you think?

(I eventually found my 23.08.1 download on a USB stick so all is good, but I think the Archives should have it).

I agree that the archives should have it. But you can reach the stable download branch by using the Parent Directory button in the archive folder by going up and then down again to the current stable version 23.08 branch

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Awesome. I see it there. Thanks for the navigation tips.