8 years ago - The Lost Color edited on kdenlive

Hi there,

it has been a while since I was an active member of the forum (actually i think this is a new forum now, I could not log in nor find old posts? )

I just uploaded a sequence of my experimental feature “The Lost Color” I edited with kdenlive back in the day,

hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

PS if this is the wrong place , please move it to the appropiate category

oops I see my vimeo link did not get through, as i registered again recently i guess :frowning:

Can you try again? If it doesn’t work will see if it is an issue in the forum…

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@frdbr here it comes, lets see:


Great stuff! Do you mind if we share it on our social media? If it is ok, do you have a short sentence or two about the movie and the process editing it with Kdenlive? Also do you have social media to tag you?

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Thank you very much! Sure I am happy you share it on social media! my insta is Kris Limbach (@krislimbach) • Instagram photos and videos

The Lost Color is a experimental feature film, shot only with available light mostly in dark nights. Editing with an ancient version of kdenlive at the time in was challenging but great at the same time. Developing the the different scenes first and then stacking the timelines into each other was key to find the right timing and spacing.

You can take something from that and also from the text description below the vimeo video…

Cool, thanks. We do not have instagram, only twitter and mastodon.

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cool, my twitter is https://twitter.com/kalimerox would be great if you can still add it…