A medley of (non-critical) bugs in Plasma 6 that I have encountered

Here are two examples - the first one from the Calculator widget in a floating Plasma Panel, the second one from the Folder View widget (after loggin out and in again!).



Can you see the difference?
For another example one could also open the Digital Clock widget, keep it open and slightly move the mouse to the left until you get a mouse over information for e.g. the Volume - unfortunately this was not possible to capture with Spectacle (the mouse over info vanished when Spectacle made a screen shot)…

  • One can also see the missing coloured icon of two widgets (Folder View and Trash) in both screenshots.

  • In the second screenshot you can see the too “intense” shadows of the Folder View’s contained icons’ names (this is therefore a bit hard to read compared to the list view - and the shadows have been reduced by the compression of the screenshot: in “real life” they are more intense).