A new slogan for kde.org?

The current slogan is “Plasma - The next generation desktop for Linux”. But we could have a better one than that:

  1. It’s vague. All you can tell from “next generation” is that it’s something new. But in which way? Comparing it to the GNOME slogan “Simple, beautiful, elegant”. This does look like just piling good words. But at least it points to some direction.

  2. And Plasma 6 is not a new idea. The UX is basically the same from Plasma 4 (and Windows 7, which was released at about the same time), 15 years ago. That’s not bad. It’s the exact reason I prefer KDE to GNOME. But in what sense is it “next generation”?

  3. KDE is one of the two major “current generation” Linux desktops.

Here are some slogans that might be quite inappropriate, but at least says something about KDE:

“the old-fashioned Linux desktop”

“the customizable Linux desktop”

“the Linux desktop that doesn’t get in your way”

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It used to be: simple by default, powerful when needed.
Not sure why or when this has changed.


I was not aware this had changed. I thought it was really good.

It hasn’t changed much. It’s just the tagline on kde.org that has changed :slight_smile: See Plasma - KDE Community where it still mentions “Simple by default” and “Powerful when needed”