A note of appreciation for KDE Connect as an iPhone user

Even though in some places it’s indicated as being mostly useful for those with Android phones, for me (even as an iPhone user) there are so many times when KDE Connect has been helpful! A couple of recent examples:

  • Photo curation - at the end of the day I quickly flip through the photos on my phone to figure out what were priceless memories of my family, and what were the equivalent of scrap notes. I do that in the “Send Photos” section of KDE Connect on my phone, and when I’ve selected all the ones I want to keep, tap “Add” and they’re all off to the designated folder on my PC to enter my backup/archival flow.

  • PC Setup - several examples here, but the most recent one being the Steam Deck, which we were fortunate enough to be able to get here recently. I had quite a few game files on my PC that weren’t part of Steam’s cloud service, but that I wanted to transfer over to the Steam Deck - and I didn’t yet have an SD card I could use. I thought of a clunky solution using a dock, external hard drive, etc., but then I remembered that the Steam Deck’s desktop is KDE Plasma, and it has KDE Connect preinstalled! Once I paired it to the laptop, I even got a right-click option in Dolphin to “Send to steamdeck” for the files I wanted to transfer over!

I know these are trivial user examples, not necessarily relating to getting intense work done or things like that, but with the natural focus that folks will have on features and solutions for efficient work, I figured it was worth pointing out that many of those things also make folks’ lives easier in little ways each day.

Thank you!


I think it’s so nice that it’s finally available and working well for iOS! Those sound like really useful workflows. I’m not an iPhone user myself, but KDE Connect is such a boost to productivity sometimes that I couldn’t go without it. I’m happy more can make use of it.

The features I use the most are:

  • File transfer
  • Send clipboard
  • Replying to messages or copying incoming messages (like verification codes) straight from the desktop notification
  • Finding my phone whenever I inevitably misplace it
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+1 from my end

Never thought that I need something like this.

But, as a musician, I usually collect/edit/prepare songs to practice on my laptop and create several playlists (with a real keyboard and some shell-foo). After this, it is a simple “send MP3s and playlist to my iPhone” (and from there to the VLC directory).

Look, ma, no cable :slight_smile:

Though I really miss the option to send whole folders from my laptop to my iPhone.

Another feature which would use much more often is the Remote Input which comes in handy if my laptop is connected to the TV while I can sit on the sofa.
The accuracy of mouse movement is a bit crippled/jumpy, but I am not sure if this is related to the software or a tiny scratch on the iPhone’s display.
And I would prefer a two-finger scrolling similar to my laptop’s touchpad…

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