A simple downloadable dmg for kmymoney?

Hi, I love kmymoney and it’s easy to get on my linux machines. But I have a macos laptop that I have also been using kmymoney on (all machines sync to the same file via dropbox, so I can edit my kmymoney file on all machines). Would it be possible for someone to make it so the latest stable dmg for macos were available in an easy to find way? I follow the instructions here at Download and use the MacOS version | KMyMoney and I can’t find a single way to download an installable file for macos. Thanks

In case that someone is found and responds, I am happy to help out wherever I can.

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Thanks, I don’t think anyone is likely to respond. I’m not sure why it’s set up now to be so hard to get a stable dmg for macos. Especially as most macos users are likely to find any other route to be difficult or maybe they lack confidence to try. In any case, as you can see in the link for the macos download, there’s just nothing there if you try to follow the instructions. I can’t find anything at least.

There is a deploy Job setup (run 2days ago), which is supposed to generate an artifact but currently failing.

Looks like it is still wip.

That’s right, but the failure is caused by a dependency failing to build in this environment while it works on others :frowning: The MacOS download website has been updated accordingly.

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Thanks for the update. I’ll keep an eye out. It’s an excellent piece of software that I’ve used for a long time on Linux. I use the macos version on my macbook air. The last stable version I was able to download works fine except that the home screen doesn’t work. It’s easy enough to go straight to each accounts, so it’s good.