A11y: allow a second mouse input device that is always able to move & zoom

In the interview of Brodie Robertson with Acidic Light, a legally blind game dev, they mentioned a specific accessibility problem:

If you have very limited eyesight, it is problematic if games lock your cursor to the center. For example when playing Zonotic, you may want to see some stats in some corner, but the cursor is always locked.

Some games may handle this well, like Minecraft where it frees the cursor when in the inventory view. But overall its random and relies on the engine to support that.

This could be fixed by allowing a seperate “mouse” input that is never locked into this engine. It could be triggered via a keyboard/mouse button shortcut, choosen in systemsettings.

This would switch the input to this specific mouse device that can always move around the screen and use the kwin magnifier.

I am curious what you think about this. Matching Bugzilla wishlist report

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I wonder how Gamescope handles this on the SteamDeck? I think they have zoom effect for games with small text.

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